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Re: ** The Trump Thread SAFE SPACE ** (NO Personal Attacks; NO Trolling)

Originally Posted by kydmb99 View Post
Iím kind of confused by what this means tbh. Iím assuming itís about the bailouts?

I would say maybe government shouldnít serve that role and for the vast majority of corporations it doesnít
Government research grants are a good example. Government either foots the bill or splits it with a private company for say medical research. If it fails, the government loses the money but if it succeeds and is viable then the private sector comes in and buys whatever it is knowing itís probably going to be a success and make money.

If the private sector didnít have the government playing this role theyíd have to put up and risk their own capital, leading to many more losses and probably companies failing all the time when things donít pan out. This way, the private sector doesnít take the highest risks, the government does.

So, is this capitalism? And does the private sector, or government get the credit for all these inventions and breakthroughs?

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