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Re: ***Chula Vista 09/07/12***

Originally Posted by rapunzelpig15 View Post
Never been to Chula before. Originally from the Chicago area and live in the Phoenix area now. Most of my experiences are at Alpine. Any comparisons to be made? Just trying to get a feel of what it will be like. Got reserved pavilion. Pumped for this!
Hey, i live in San Diego now (for the last 4 years, moved from Chicago). Having been to 100 shows all over the US, I can tell you Chula Vista is def not one of the better venues. Since you've lived in chicago I can tell you it compares to the world (verizon) amphitheater, but with better overall sound. The tailgating is decent though, less strict than other venues. The one problem is that Chula Vista is near the border of mexico and thus you have to drive quite a distance (From SD) to see the show. Also, can get pretty cool at night since out in desert like conditions. Should still be epic as it will be close to end of the tour!!
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