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Re: ***Chula Vista 09/07/12***

To anyone worried about traffic:

Easy remedy for this folks. Being a local, I don't let this info out too often. Here is a quick way to get to the show and avoid all the traffic.

Head down the 5 South to the 905 East. Take it until you get to some traffic lights, about 4-5 miles. Turn left at Heritage Rd. (there will be a traffic light at Heritage). Make your first left, it will look like you are going into junk yard row. Hang the first right (only way the street goes) and this street will bring you up from the south side of the amphitheatre. As well, it will put you closest to the tailgate area as well. Just hang the first left into the venue and then another left into the parking lot, and then one more left to take you to the tailgate.

Sounds difficult but it is real easy. No traffic, except the few locals that know about the "back way".

Map to the tailgate is in my signature below.

Hope to see y'all there, peace!
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