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Re: Live Trax 52: Darling's Waterfront Pavilion 6.6.14

Snagged the digital download and listened while painting today. Pretty enjoyable despite the fact that this could be one of Boyd’s worst releases. He was clearly struggling that night. Damn. His solo on Crush was brutal. Anyone know if he dropped his bow or did it go so far off the rails they muted him? Because he drops out pretty abruptly and I know he was having trouble dropping it once in a while around that period. He has some alright moments, but not a good show for him. Very interesting choice for a release. Very cool to hear Boyd play on Spaceman. Never been able to hear him on that ever.
Acoustic set is really nice, and there’s a couple odd standouts for me, one is that Jimi Thing is stellar, and the other, I found myself really digging If Only.
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