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Re: are the Sirius XM broadcasts good for the tour?

I think they have little effect on the tour. I still pay attention to sets and think there's an equal amount of variety compared to any other year. I don't think DMB goes oh, we're playing Arkansas on Saturday night, who gives a fuck.

I think Dave has and will play whatever he wants whenever he wants. If there's a special reason to showcase some new material or something, that's about the only time he'll make a setlist for a specific show.

I saw them a few years ago in Denver on a Friday night in 2018 and honestly thought they'd lost their mojo completely. It was just a dead night, no energy, basic predictable setlist.

But the following show was like one of the better shows I've ever seen. I couldn't tell you why other than the Friday show was the first one after their August break. But it literally had me questioning if I was going to see them again. All shows since have been great to stellar.
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