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are the Sirius XM broadcasts good for the tour?

as a fan i enjoy getting high quality streams of friday night shows during the tour and having them each week is a real treat (although i wish they made all of them available to stream) but after seeing them this tour i wondered "are these broadcasts good for the tour?" particularly the in person experience if you're not seeing them on friday night.

i've been a fan since '96 and saw them 2-3x a year every year between '98 and '07 in a variety of different venues, areas of the country and times of year so i've experienced average, good and omg concerts

with that being said i saw them for the first time since 2007 this past june in bristow, va. it was a saturday night show. and the setlist and energy were very average (for dmb, average dmb is a high bar and would be most bands very good). so i started to do some diggin on dmbalmanac and outside of their favorite venues (like spac, etc) they seem to make those friday night shows their 'primetime games' and then aren't as up for the following weekend shows.

i feel like the tour scheduling is a factor...they need a show every friday b/x of the sirius xm commitment and given their fanbase is older and aren't 20somethings with summer internships or in hs summer vacation and can go wild on a wednesday. ergo the weekends are packed with 3 nights in a row of shows (fridays-sundays)

so what do you think? with the sirius xm deal does dmb bring their A+ game only to friday night concerts and a handful of favored venues now?

i'm saying this because i've never seen a show in virginia until this year and thought being an hour north of c'ville they'd have some fun and bring it and bust out some rare or new songs....what i got was 3 chords of #40 in the encore, that girl is you opener and an ants encore closer (instead of a YMDT which was on the setlist which i woulda loved)....maybe i was expecting too much thinking i'd get a SPAC level show at bristow but it bummed me out a bit.
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