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Saw LS teased 2x n 2wks
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Originally Posted by prdstmnky36 View Post
I get that, you said in your first post “I am paying for the app”.

No, you are not allowed to download shows for free.
Originally Posted by Cryfreedom09 View Post
I got the junior detective over here on me. Busted.
Originally Posted by prdstmnky36 View Post
You asked, lol.
Prdstmnky36, I don’t know why you have to be so gdamn rigid and unhelpful. Having a bad day today? But cryfreedom09, to answer your question in a helpful way, while you have an active account I’m 99% sure there’s no way for you to take the songs from Nugs and transport them to iTunes/Apple. So you’ll lose them once you quit paying or your free trial ends etc.
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