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Re: Come Tomorrow (the song)

Originally Posted by 42km View Post
Ignorent and or insensitive post re WPB shows. Dave had MSD (Parkland) parents and likely students as well as guests during the N1 show (and possibly N2 as well). Song lyrics speak to children in a leadership role and gun violence. An MSDStrong image appeared as stage backdrop in between main set and backdrop N1 (not sure if it was there N2). I initially was very critical that CT was played both nights in an E slot.....until all of this occurred to me. Now I accept, appreciate and respect the song selection.....both nights and likely at all future shows.
Fair enough. I didn't know about the backdrop/guests.. only had the Sirius radio broadcast to go off of.

It's still a shitty song, but at least I understand why they played it at both shows now.
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