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D&T2017-04-04..flac16 (Robert Lohner)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Teatro Colosseo, Turin, Italy
April 4, 2017

Taped by: Robert Lohner
Edited by: Sergey Dimitrov

*** Distribute only the original, unchanged set of files provided in a community style - no direct downloads!
*** Do not stream, remaster and distribute, embed in online videos the provided files without my explicit permission!
*** For non-commercial use only! Support Dave Matthews Band

01. Crush
02. When the World Ends
03. Warehouse
04. Where Are You Going
05. Funny the Way It Is
06. Dodo
07. Bartender
08. Lying in the Hands of God
09. Satellite
10. [Tim improv] DGA *
11. Out of My Hands
12. Don't Drink the Water
13. Samurai Cop
14. Corn Bread
15. Pretty Bird
16. Two Step
17. [Tim improv] 2 Notes *
18. Virginia in the Rain
19. Stay or Leave
20. Grey Street
21. The Space Between
22. Fool to Think
23. Jimi Thing
24. Encore Break 1
25. Crash into Me
26. All Along the Watchtower
27. Encore Break 2
28. You & Me

* Tim solo

dt2017-04-04_01 Crush.flac:544a5051d4d86276ac467113836e3115
dt2017-04-04_02 When the World Ends.flac:a5c3ef8cc2dfbcb9aa72f85d3e578a50
dt2017-04-04_03 Warehouse.flac:ccc8f6ee8c6cc9ef3fd82b7e9c71f2db
dt2017-04-04_04 Where Are You Going.flac:77ddd1b076547340b8fa892e717d6474
dt2017-04-04_05 Funny the Way It Is.flac:fab6bd96b5581657ed58bb6444a1cbaa
dt2017-04-04_06 Dodo.flac:8438617549a43540d3f8b2ad906be71c
dt2017-04-04_07 Bartender.flac:83ea406dd5b781f4db043b1ba062397b
dt2017-04-04_08 Lying in the Hands of God.flac:5c0ee07b2b6431cd0c1b032c4cc0c616
dt2017-04-04_09 Satellite.flac:de5f33022613ecc63cbe5935c09ec43b
dt2017-04-04_10 [Tim improv] DGA.flac:f38aa05446a9c0aa7df912d7edda6fc7
dt2017-04-04_11 Out of My Hands.flac:aea2a701188ee9c9fff38bf51817ac2c
dt2017-04-04_12 Don't Drink the Water.flac:7384784da12000da96f515f8f2a67a2a
dt2017-04-04_13 Samurai Cop.flac:e151414de231ce9cecc9be81d26a19cf
dt2017-04-04_14 Corn Bread.flac:3b59bb0e65df567696badbba1151709b
dt2017-04-04_15 Pretty Bird.flac:0f8b1cff92f22c9de3f5cb81651a3dc5
dt2017-04-04_16 Two Step.flac:8692b0e73e21c80f6bda4527ab5b92b3
dt2017-04-04_17 [Tim improv] 2 Notes.flac:921ee87c8eb3401686886ffe7f6c52d1
dt2017-04-04_18 Virginia in the Rain.flac:8b18421863e7df4f74c1cc4ec7e223c9
dt2017-04-04_19 Stay or Leave.flac:d5a53036ac045ee8db0ae16e7d8db78d
dt2017-04-04_20 Grey Street.flac:d03c9b45f0637b3ea9bd48ae84e3c6a1
dt2017-04-04_21 The Space Between.flac:007055db92b7c570b81eefa589c5e6bd
dt2017-04-04_22 Fool to Think.flac:10b9ac76356b0b4ff54e796582525868
dt2017-04-04_23 Jimi Thing.flac:d012bf264a6031a7534c91b2e019ea4a
dt2017-04-04_24 Encore Break 1.flac:785e3566dcfc0d3c5a9adc27b46aa773
dt2017-04-04_25 Crash into Me.flac:5acf938c0b2cbc87625e46d2f6bcf4f2
dt2017-04-04_26 All Along the Watchtower.flac:8426ed0205c25b9a3cb7b5c515e2a8c1
dt2017-04-04_27 Encore Break 2.flac:6786d864992d8a8ce93abcb3720754ab
dt2017-04-04_28 You & Me.flac:5ab31b418a33646aa292f7831e1fde4c

e0a624b46e6ca2d54f8c8da65d660d99 *dt2017-04-04_01 Crush.mp3
80097c69b8a7c39bb5c00dd8088f537f *dt2017-04-04_02 When the World Ends.mp3
478c4f1a6d476a3463de301a7065ded2 *dt2017-04-04_03 Warehouse.mp3
7ae0c3f86989dfd07373343aad0a4f82 *dt2017-04-04_04 Where Are You Going.mp3
a7ec5e208b283c52b525d587e1ea9f00 *dt2017-04-04_05 Funny the Way It Is.mp3
93785a613a366f27cf346ca30c75ebbd *dt2017-04-04_06 Dodo.mp3
9d8312087c07f74f486560a2d38e3a31 *dt2017-04-04_07 Bartender.mp3
c7f524abcf4061d57f614339b696c870 *dt2017-04-04_08 Lying in the Hands of God.mp3
886ecc6f4736f7114260ea723bdb7891 *dt2017-04-04_09 Satellite.mp3
d0fbf67cca81b3a169bfd141dd8a5922 *dt2017-04-04_10 [Tim improv] DGA.mp3
0d9c992c1c06f22f27276521344a350f *dt2017-04-04_11 Out of My Hands.mp3
67059c7e07c3dffd2726414b4ad97caf *dt2017-04-04_12 Don't Drink the Water.mp3
3db840616097f13b950ab3cd187ef5d3 *dt2017-04-04_13 Samurai Cop.mp3
7bba2b82e49649d0a197b4e3118007d5 *dt2017-04-04_14 Corn Bread.mp3
b036388d5d9a9aa685cea28c1d9c525c *dt2017-04-04_15 Pretty Bird.mp3
b172281007f621e8628eeb39d5b18c7c *dt2017-04-04_16 Two Step.mp3
fed672a025e2fcea72e61c9c975316bd *dt2017-04-04_17 [Tim improv] 2 Notes.mp3
7722b914b0e6002e9fbfde4f76fd893b *dt2017-04-04_18 Virginia in the Rain.mp3
7c793b357d2b2911fc0628f74dcacf99 *dt2017-04-04_19 Stay or Leave.mp3
e4be62af07987cbd2f60261c99a90fbe *dt2017-04-04_20 Grey Street.mp3
7148ddbba32c0b5b4f26ef0bb4c11a47 *dt2017-04-04_21 The Space Between.mp3
318c321f34139e4bf4f5887cd002da3e *dt2017-04-04_22 Fool to Think.mp3
5d60dc492b7b34bc645cf535d4bd4bc5 *dt2017-04-04_23 Jimi Thing.mp3
fe1591aaac0c4c13cf0e093b822cd1e8 *dt2017-04-04_24 Encore Break 1.mp3
9c8850ff513f74cbf2cb60d4578ff422 *dt2017-04-04_25 Crash into Me.mp3
da9fc904223646995c543df74b93701a *dt2017-04-04_26 All Along the Watchtower.mp3
0ec60e583cc4a6cd9bfd1c9d4c078fbd *dt2017-04-04_27 Encore Break 2.mp3
0fc0897bfc7c1bbf2a3ab703b3c76f77 *dt2017-04-04_28 You & Me.mp3

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