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Re: Album of the Day

I hear ya man about the broad tastes.

Here's a recent 5 song set that came up on my MP3 player.

1. U Can't Touch THis- MC Hammer(I still got a spot in my heart for Hammer)
2. Capt. Midnight- Tomahawk(EVERYONE here should check this band out)
3. Grey Street
4. Page 29- Fantomas(Which lyrics go, literally like htis"barrrring, barrrring, barring, barrrrrrrring, barrrrrrrrring, bom, shiockchak chak chak chak chak, prillimboompa, shiockhak chak chak chak chak prillimboompa!) It goes on from there.
5. Girl From Impanema(sp)- Mrs. Miller(Who is so bad, it's funny)
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