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DMB2007-09-12.mk4.flac16 (Jeff Brock)

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Dave Matthews Band
DMB 2007-09-12
Ford Amphitheatre at the Florida State Fairgrounds
Tampa, FL

Taper: Jeff Brock
Location: Orch 3 Row P Seat 18
Source: Source: Schoeps MK4 (DIN, ~16') > KC5 > CMC6 > V3 > PMD 671 (24/48)
Conversion: PMD 671 > Audacity > CDwave > Flac Frontend

***24/48 Version exists in flac format***

T01 Intro
T02 A Dream So Real
T02 Two Step
T04 Satellite
T05 #27
T06 You Might Die Trying
T07 Dream Girl
T08 Lie In Our Graves
T09 Eh Hee
T10 Lie In Our Graves [reprise]
T11 Anyone Seen The Bridge *
T12 Too Much
T13 Louisiana Bayou
T14 Crash Into Me
T15 Corn Bread
T16 The Dreaming Tree
T17 Warehouse
T18 Tripping Billies
T19 Encore Break
T20 Stay (Wasting Time)

All songs with Butch Taylor and Rashawn Ross
* Freeze time intro

dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t01.flac:868b04b4d317a10b4608f61b7ef6844 1
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t02.flac:5ea292e4f4c48a3b36039b9b6e0c11c 6
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t03.flac:cee00d13e662b5dba2c52f658444e80 9
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t04.flac:a8dada83950b8f01b8f78c61b78a89b 6
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t05.flac:9aa299290a7f574ec4c0070d9720b6b c
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t06.flac:0bd07d8d9533e59625144f6edebd01e 1
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t07.flac:90909411e7ab94ad38c098f51624c36 3
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t08.flac:442c39b41672740c684f40bfa4600a5 d
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t09.flac:13951228b9445106992d17e664d07e4 e
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t10.flac:cbc604ca135c1865e24a940da915471 5
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t11.flac:bafa44814e09664a2487ad0ac622fa0 6
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t12.flac:9e71b1fff8a0edfc49ea7ed6ec2610a d
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t13.flac:c1ff3f7af96d4cd06bcff2a7160a466 c
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t14.flac:a62aef95dec47e3f3a1eeadeddcd05b 3
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t15.flac:09da94d4b51fd8030be5d93d4f741e4 b
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t16.flac:2513ea1f2e35088d74f5fabb53916a7 6
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t17.flac:b326fbbd5642786f6d7f9c3262a6d22 8
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t18.flac:0d80e0e3ca19f851e11c45d6dddc172 c
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t19.flac:227c4061039f9f23d65c68e53724ab9 0
dmb2007-09-12.mk4.v3.t20.flac:8f398d67791e96efc1bff006b986b01 d

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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