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Re: Summer Tour Warm Up Videos

The violin synth fills are hit or miss. Played as fills it can feel a bit more like older DMB, as some of the synth fills remind me of things Butch used to do. But when he takes a violin synth solo in Tripping Billies it doesn't sound right. Just play a piano solo in between like Sweet Up and Down. I'm glad they brought back the line Boyd used to do at the end of Grey Street. That was crucial to the climax of the song, but I do think it would probably sound better played on trumpet and then let Jeff solo instead of trading off. The line is getting played though, so I won't complain.

It's one thing to play the violin synth as a fill, but when he solos it kind of makes you scratch your head and say..."if it's important enough to make it sound like a violin then maybe it's time to get a VIOLIN!!!"
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