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Re: The BitTorrent Helper Thread

Originally Posted by russell.goerend
Alright guys,

Here's a question. I have the autospeed plugin on my Azureus and it does a good job of regulating speeds (what it's supposed to do) but it 1) always tops my download out at about 176 kb/s -- when i'm pretty sure i can handle more, because i've had it up around 300 before, and b) tops my upload out at 40 kb/s. it's never been higher than 40.

thing is, i'm only seeding right now, i've always got a couple seeds going, and rarely download (i use ftp) but it still tops out at 40 kb/s upload even when i'm not downloading anything. how do i find out what my max upload could much up-bandwidth my connection can handle? i'm sick of doing three shows and like 12/s.

any ideas?


There are a bunch of online bandwidth testers. Do a google for "bandwidth test" or something like that. I say this because some of them seem way off, so it's best to use a few of them so you get a good idea. I don't have any bookmarked, or I'd post a link.
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