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Re: The BitTorrent Helper Thread

Originally Posted by smm16
I'm back again - I'm having the same problem. It's driving me crazy. I'm using Azureus, I've got my d/l capped at 70kb and my u/l capped at 20kb. I've tried changing the port I'm using. I've tried limiting how many seeds and leechers I'm connecting to. Yet, everytime, it downloads for a little while, then it hits a brick wall, stops downloading, and cuts my connection completely (bit torrent, internet, e-mail, everything). I'm baffled - anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
Not really sure what's causing this then. Are you downloading several torrents at once? That can really tax your connection. Also, could it be your ISP? Mine is famous for occasionally dropping my connection for a minute or two every now and then. It really gets on my nerves. You don't really notice it while surfing, but when downloading it's obvious.
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