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Re: DMB vs U2

Huge fan of both U2 and DMB.

U2 wrote some of the best songs I have ever heard. Studio version of A Sort of Homecoming is one of my all-time favorites. Live versions of Bad give me chills every time I listen. JT and Achtung Baby are two of the all-time greatest albums. The Unforgettable Fire is a beautiful album.

DMB's musicality blows U2 out of the water in every way. While U2's live shows were/are amazing spectacles, I'll take DMB's approach every time. I value complicated musicality and improvs being performed live over the spectacle. Not to mention the spontaneity of the setlists each night is something I treasure in DMB. U2 plays the same songs, solos, speeches every single night. DMB's musical prowess allows them to play so many different songs in so many different ways every night. Its something we all take for granted.

I respect both bands for what they have given to music history.
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