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Re: What does it mean?

Originally Posted by Springraces View Post
I like Grateful Dead more than DMB these days? Iíve liked DMB for 20 years and something just clicked recently, Iím
Sick of them. And Iíd rather listen to Grateful Dead and artificially inseminate someone who would have a child that also likes Grateful Dead when they are of listening age.

This was a dream I had.

I still like DMB in non dream world. But itís pretty wild that this happened.

Also, Snoop Dogg shot me in the head in another unrelated dream. It was unpleasant. I thought I died. It all
Went dark and then I woke up. Still
Wondering about that one.
This feels like it should be in the new album thread. people can then speculate that ďA Dream So RealĒ is on the album and then randomly list out other unreleased songs from the past 15 years.
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