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Re: are the Sirius XM broadcasts good for the tour?

Originally Posted by dancheatham View Post
I think you're overthinking this. The band is definitely aware of the streams, but I don't think Fridays are getting all of the good shows (nor do I think all of the Friday shows have been great). And two-night shows are still a pretty even split between which night is better.

They have very, very few weekends with three consecutive shows, and when they do, one of them is almost always a Dave solo or D&T gig. I think the weekend with the Something in the Water festival and the Gorge weekend are the only exceptions.

They also scheduled West Palm Beach and Alpine on Saturday/Sunday of holiday weekends with no shows on Friday.
Considering that most 2 night stands are being pulled from the bucket of 50 regular songs and a few unique ones, I think it's just a crap shoot as to which night is best. Of course any night that gets YMDT, You & Me, Space Between, Shake Me, LB are not going to be the best. But if you go to both nights, you're likely to get those songs!
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