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Re: are the Sirius XM broadcasts good for the tour?

Originally Posted by eggsrsweet View Post
I’m gonna say there’s prob a 0.1% chance Dave cares about the set list or show any differently because it’s a Sirius stream. I wouldn’t be shocked if some of the band members are unaware they’re even being streamed on Fridays
No. Dave routinely shouts out people listening on the streams and in the interview last year, he said he looks at the past Sirius show setlists to make that night's setlist. Other band members post online about their (insert relationship here - family, etc) people listening that night.

Originally Posted by #40BigEyedFish View Post
so what do you think? with the sirius xm deal does dmb bring their A+ game only to friday night concerts and a handful of favored venues now?
Well no, they don't only bring their A game Fridays and at big venues. It's random. They are known to drop mid week shows that are great.

So at the end of the day if you're a fan, the Sirius shows can be a mind game. Sometimes yes, they have been getting some rare stuff. Raleigh (better show than SPAC N2?) was an abnormally great show for the southeast. But Charlotte was also on Sirius and was the most cookie cutter set I've seen them do, even though there was a lib to close the show.

There are some chances on Fridays to get some rare stuff though. For example - Dreaming Tree the first Friday of the tour, Shotgun two broadcasts later, Pay for What You Get & Halloween at the most recent one. Those all got played on non-Fridays too though. I think at times, Dave does say "ok, we've busted X out lately, let's add it in for Friday so it gets broadcasted." But there's just as equal of a chance of him saying "let's play a lot of casual stuff for the broadcast." It works both ways just judging by the setlists and ends up being a mind game for me lol. I go in to Friday shows with zero expectations now because it can be one extreme or the other.
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