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Re: ***Official Deer Creek 2022***

Last night wasn't as crazy well written as the night before (nor did it have the treats), but its still a bit better than it looked as it unfolded. For the tour, this might have been the most pedestrian show. A closer look see that for Va. Beach, its not quite that and he continues to be quite clever with the Sledgehammer usage. Despite us feeling like its non-stop and everybody gets it all the time every year...its not really that at all.

Venue Stats: Virginia Beach

3-ish Never Played Before: Madman's Eyes, Kill the Preacher, Rye Whiskey

4 Songs Played Last time at Virginia Beach (2022): Grace Is Gone, Grey Street, Warehouse, Why I Am

1st since 2008 - Seek Up, Sledgehammer

1st since 2014 - Sweet, Two Step

1st since 2015 - Lie In Our Graves, Rapunzel

1st One Sweet World opener
2nd Two Step set closer (last 2015)
2nd Rapunzel show closer (last 2015)

2nd ever: Sweet, Sledgehammer, Come On Come On
3rd ever: Seek Up, Samurai Cop

-1st What Would You Say on the tour since Deer Creek N1 (6/24)
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