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Re: New Album Have a Code/Want a Code Thread

Originally Posted by Hilly View Post
The idea that you would get this on release date was silly. But many have received them last week, getting them this week, and a few more next week.
I don't know if it is a "silly" idea or not. I had the same conversation with TM/LN when I didn't get my CD's on the 8th. The idea of getting a newly released album 10 years ago mailed to you on its release date was silly. But you can get literally any physical media delivered on the date of release now. Granted, that's through a retailer, not a ticketing service. Anyway... just state that there will be a delay in shipping up front and no one would be pissed. Also, I just got my shipping confirmation yesterday too, even though I was told 3-5 weeks. -- they're giving us worst case scenario on shipping dates.
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