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Re: I like Listener Supported More than Red Rocks

Originally Posted by djamieb View Post
I just listened through Listener Supported again last weekend, actually! I was in high school when it came out and was definitely a big fan at that point; but this release cemented the fact that this band would be an all-time favorite for me, and that has absolutely proven to be true. Listening again a few days ago brought back a flood of memories from different places and times and moods I've been in when I've listened to this album over the last 20+ years, and it's just as incredible now as it was back then.

P.S. (This is one of the few remaining "please, please, please release this on vinyl someday" albums from the band on my wish list. I'd also LOVE a Blu-Ray of this show someday, too.)
I would love more HD video releases, but I donít think there would be much difference (in video quality) between the dvd and Bluray.

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