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DMB2004-06-24.km184.shnf (Mike Sarnovsky)

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Dave Matthews Band
June 24, 2004
Germain Amphitheater - Columbus, OH

Taper: Mike Sarnovsky (
Source: Neumann km-184s -> Sound Devices MP-2 ->
Oade Modified Sony SBM-1 -> Oade Active Cable -> Sony TCD-D100

Conversion: Mike Sarnovsky (
Equipment: Sony DTC-A7 -> Monster Coax ->
Soundblaster Audigy Platinum EX -> CD


Disc One:

01: Introduction
02: Ants Marching
03: Rhyme And Reason ->
04: Thing
05: Don't Drink The Water
06: Hello Again
07: What Would You Say
08: Dancing Nancies
09: Sugar Will
10: Where Are You Going

Disc Two:

01: Recently
02: Jimi Thing
03: Joy Ride
04: If I Had It All
05: Drive In Drive out
06: Crazy-Easy
07: So Much To Say ->
08: Anyone Seen The Bridge ->
09: Too Much
10: Tripping Billies


758f2f3fb91ce092d4608a18e40aac2f *dmb2004-06-24d1t01.shn
37a70b7751000645af370081b1b775fa *dmb2004-06-24d1t02.shn
4299d66e1e1460f075280d48cdf3ae2c *dmb2004-06-24d1t03.shn
537cf868f33c527ee51131464020a4d0 *dmb2004-06-24d1t04.shn
c2d614e2a2d5ae3433c403be69343838 *dmb2004-06-24d1t05.shn
b8bbc3035273ffda82d097b173e31816 *dmb2004-06-24d1t06.shn
c7dab11e1cdfb8458de222ef570c0358 *dmb2004-06-24d1t07.shn
867254f7e6c6e7a7cf0934f3fddae41a *dmb2004-06-24d1t08.shn
313a22aa5645be3e68a721f1df331303 *dmb2004-06-24d1t09.shn
3cebe7aeb59730a5ad82fda650131533 *dmb2004-06-24d1t10.shn
8d685f6e9af8593d2af20f44804348f3 *dmb2004-06-24d2t01.shn
ca569d7755dd35df9dba9c0256125ff1 *dmb2004-06-24d2t02.shn
190158aa764a9f8bb2018fb2a864f270 *dmb2004-06-24d2t03.shn
38851856a037f5ee27c1ecd42a7666fa *dmb2004-06-24d2t04.shn
1d80d7ea7d5e9b03763ac1853f966bf7 *dmb2004-06-24d2t05.shn
ff11e6d9aec48cd38a1ab7b9d6247b00 *dmb2004-06-24d2t06.shn
a76d6ae2338df87960a18f2903be0d88 *dmb2004-06-24d2t07.shn
deb136b2bd0c55a825919211d6b676ba *dmb2004-06-24d2t08.shn
ec2c0a5aeb6aba59ca679a1de7fc1705 *dmb2004-06-24d2t09.shn
103fbe1967a7a89f1f960457b5edead1 *dmb2004-06-24d2t10.shn

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