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Re: *** Official Denver, CO 2021

Originally Posted by jmanneydmb19 View Post
hey all, normally not in here but thinking about making the trip to denver. usually do alpine/chicago.. looks like lawn is all thats left fml.. how is it out there? i will be flying out with my eleven year old kid for his first dmb concert. still debating on chicago right now though
It's been a lot better since they upgraded the sound a few years ago. It used to be where Journey/Whitesnake and random 90's hip hop nostalgia acts would come through..

The lawn is not the best.. They cram people in like sardines and it has a pretty significant slope. Think Gorge but smaller... Everyone just seems to eventually be smashed into the people in front of them...

You have to get there super early to get a decent lawn seat or else you'll be packed into one of the back corners which doesn't always lead to optimal sound or fun.

The venue is nothing to speak of. Some brown walls and tall buildings surrounding it.
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