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Re: ** The Trump Thread SAFE SPACE ** (NO Personal Attacks; NO Trolling)

Originally Posted by drakan View Post

Makes sense but I would want to know what kind of weapons are used in mass shootings that are noted in the survey. Not to sound condescending by any means but we both know pistols, sub machine guns and rifles can have high capacity magazines so I would love to see a breakdown on what type of weapons were used.

Lastly, before I hit the sack - I believe we both know that criminals can easily get high capacity mags. Hell man, my SIG MPX has a 30 round mag but unless someone endangered me or someone I care about the weapon would never be wielded except on a range. Ditto with the M4 I traded in about 6 months ago.

What really pisses me (and other responsible owners) off is that we are all lumped in with the idiots who give us all a bad name. Literally, you cannot access my weapons (locked securely in a safe) without both one of my fingerprints (I picked one in particular so it would not be easy to figure out which finger - or thumb would open it) plus you need a 10 digit code inputted into the safe that only I know in order to open my safe. Unsafe gun owners probably piss more safe gun owners than even the morons like deblasio who want to shanghai all our weapons!
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