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Re: ** The Trump Thread SAFE SPACE ** (NO Personal Attacks; NO Trolling)

Originally Posted by ShotgunDMB View Post
Mom mostly. She was pretty harsh on me and my sisters. Canít remember my dad spanking me at all. I was a good kid for the most part, so it wasnít something that happened often.
My mom gave me the wooden spoon and the yardstick a few times.

My dad knocked me pretty good a few time with a hard open hand across the face and head. Soon I started to run, then got old enough to duck and block.

It was never their go to discipline.

Iíve never hit my kids in the face. I did a spank maybe once when my oldest was really young. Wasnít proud. Never the youngest.

This town is nuts, my kind of place. I don't never ever want to leave....
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