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Re: Tim Reynolds - The Ultimate Guitar Troll

As someone who started going to show in 2012 going to 2 deer creek shows without Tim was awesome.

Pig- Daves guitar was so much more audible and present even though tim typically doesn't do anything overbearing on that song.

Cornbread- This is a song I don't like the slide on even though Tim absolutely shreds. Lawlor giving more of a SRV blues rock solo was better than the slide twang of tim as far as fit. Tim is an alien when it comes to his immense talent but his tone doesn't always fit the band.

DDTW- Love the extra space in the song without the loud distorted guitar. I know most people at a show love tim on this and the song but for me it ruins the theme of the song. The slower dynamic buildup sans electric guitar is better to me than having tim pounding sound through the verses.

I hope Tim is back by alpine because the Mansfield/Hartford Weekend I enjoyed him more than I have ever enjoyed him in the full band mix ever in my decade of touring. But Deer Creek was awesome for a fan like me who didn't start going to shows till 2012.
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