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Re: Random dmb thoughts that don't need their own thread

Originally Posted by grilldanmo View Post
Pace/BPM are never more relevant in music than with DMB for me.

- DDtW at its current racing speed and on 10 out of the gate, not something I enjoy or want to hear.
- Break Free from 2006, is so slow and dragging that I can't get into it at all.
- WAtM is still great, but I definitely liked it a bit better last year when it was slower...Dave's intro guitar part pulls me in more when it's more relaxed.
Checked out a 2013 version. It was too fast then too.

I donít notice it with DDTW that much maybe because I enjoy both iterations of it. I do agree with WATM. grey street sounds way better the past two years since slowing it down.
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