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Re: New Album Coming Soon?

Originally Posted by Erich View Post
If I impregnated a girl after my first DMB concert, that child would be close to graduating college right now. I mean hell, if I impregnated a girl after I signed up for Ants, the child would be in college... Anyway, point being... Are the college kids seeing DMB today the same type of college kids that saw them 25 years ago?

... are college kids even going to see DMB anymore?

'Cause I see DMB as the type of band that solidifies its audience in the first decade or so, and then that audience just stays and grows with the band. I don't see newer DMB fans that would feel at home with that frat-douche scene from way back in the day. And I could see the folks that were in that scene either not going to DMB concerts anymore, or they're mellowed out with a partner and kids.

I could be wrong, but that's how I see it.
They exist, but it's not like back in the day where Dave was the college music darling (in large part because of the D&T tours). I think most would consider them too mainstream to be deserving of a following on campuses like they used to have (and I say this working at a college and seeing it in practice).

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