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Re: Podcast: DMB's Busted Stuff 20 years later (Part 3) - Records & Riffs

Originally Posted by maxatlof View Post
Aren't there several "insiders" in that BTCS Anniversary thread that confirmed SEVERAL TIMES this release was happening, was in actual production, ect?? If the tapes were lost there's no way this project could even get off the ground, right? So were those insiders just completely talking out of their asses for attention? I'm so confused lol.

I think this comes from the fact that UTTAD, Crash and even R2T had 20th anniversary vinyl releases. Then comes BTCS 20th and everyone (on here anyway) hotly anticipated the vinyl re-release of these sessions with some bonus stuff. That anniversary comes and goes and there isn't even a mention of it sparking people to speculate that the reason there wasn't is the stems were lost. Maybe they were and in the 4+ years since they have located them.
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