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Re: Does Dave hate this album?

Originally Posted by Slackdoodle View Post
Every so often I re-listen to it, just the other day in fact. I was going through some pretty intense personal changes when it came out, and it still conjures up those memories, because sonically it's got such a cohesive identity (whereas Come Tomorrow feels disjointed mostly).

Aside from Dave's corny moments (even though I roll my eyes when we get to the "belly jelly" line, part of me still appreciates what a complete dorky goofball that man is) or the times where he's being just too plain-language preachy (Mercy) this would absolutely stand out as Big 3-level to me. Even a "solo" track like Sweet is fine in that regard, as the rest of the band does come in at the end.

It's also, for me, inextricably tied to the autumn season that it was released in, and I feel like that was a brilliant choice for them. The tone doesn't have enough bright, poppy energy to really be a summertime album. But it completely owns that slanting light at the end of September.
It definitely feels like a fall tone album. Always felt that way. Like itís still light but thereís darkness ahead type vibe. Mercy lyrics donít really bother me. If heís going to be preachy thatís a much better way of doing it than some of the other ones weíve gotten like gaucho chorus. But yeah the album just feels cohesive which goes a long way.
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