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Re: Suspicious Death at DMB show (STL); Looking for Witness

Originally Posted by Bmwm3oz View Post
I never agree with Drop2d but I do on this topic. I would be googling 'DMB Gorge, Gorge accident, Gorge man found unconscious' or something along those lines for at least a couple weeks after the show to see if there was any news out there.

Also, while this didn't really make national news, I bet it was or is pretty mainstream in MO, especially in the city.

Who ever reported it to security, may not live in the immediate area. The person may have travelled from another part of the state or country. I doubt DMB or Ticketmaster would want to get involved, but maybe both could send out an e-mail explaining what happened at the show. It'll be nothing more than the police are looking for your help. DMB has a very loyal following and people come from all over. I'd also guess less than 5% of the fan base frequent the message boards and other social media outlets. If TM and DMB or Musictoday doesn't want to get involved, maybe a lawyer can spend the time getting a address list and sending out a plea to all attendees.
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