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Re: Suspicious Death at DMB show (STL); Looking for Witness

Originally Posted by ExistenceNow View Post
If I just find a person on the ground, I would run to get EMS/Police. Once they are treating him, unless I know the person, I'm going on with my night as there's nothing more I can do at that point.

How would that person even know they are looking for them? If not for Ants, I would never even know this happened.
I think we're all a bit different in that respect... I'd want to know if the guy was ok so I'd probably try to find out after.

That said... something like this, you would think it might reach a national news level. I mean, it's not every day that someone dies at a DMB show. Instead we have endless coverage on Mt. Everest, where, no shit, people died.
Originally Posted by bonzo48280 View Post
I'd rather be wearing an American Flag T-shirt blasting Foreigner through a boombox in Pyongyang than ever set foot in St Louis ever again.

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