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Re: Suspicious Death at DMB show (STL); Looking for Witness

Even if it happened quickly, it seems unlikely that absolutely nobody witnessed some part of the incident that resulted in a fatal injury to Jasen Smith. Someone saw or heard something. I would hope, for the sake of this DMB fan's wife and children, people will call the detectives (314 298 8700) to share what they saw. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

But even if somehow there was not even a single witness to the actual incident (concrete walkway between the lawn and pavilion 11:10pm) there are other questions with potential answers that might help us find people with important clues.

1. He was returning to his seats to look for a t-shirt, which he did not possess when paramedics found him. Did anyone see him looking around and/or under his empty seats shortly after 11pm?
2. Was he still on his way back to the seats when the injury happened, or did it occur as he was returning to his wife after the search?
3. If he was returning to his wife, was he unsuccessful in finding the shirt, or did he have it at one point?
4. Where exactly was he when medical staff responded to assist him? Was he near the mouth of any of the concrete stairways that serve the lawn, indicating he may have been pushed or fallen?
5. While paramedics were treating him, his phone rang and they answered. Was the phone in his pocket, or somewhere nearby on the ground? The latter would suggest a fall or possible attack.
6. Where were his seats during the show? Could there have been some earlier confrontation or interaction with other individuals at his seats during the show, that is connected to whatever happened at 11:10pm?

answers to these questions might help those who were at the show to possibly recall from memory some detail or observation that will be useful to investigators. Even a seemingly minor detail could ultimately prove to be critical to this case. I have a call in to the detective to ask if there are any answers they can share regarding the above, and I will post here if so. In the meantime, maybe the person who has been in contact with the family's lawyer can ask him to provide more details?
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