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Re: **Deer Creek 2012**

Originally Posted by ramiro24 View Post
i chose the free shipping of my amazon super i wont get it till an upwords of a week after the release i think? so ill just listen to it whenever i get a chance..probably the itunes preview stream of the entire album which will come out next tuesday.
Originally Posted by btpeters View Post
I would. I don't feel guilty. I've spent $$$ already on it. What's the difference in hearing the songs now vs a week and a half? The songs don't sound any different then.

The DVD is still something i got to look forward too if i'm "holding out" for release day
Originally Posted by plantholtk1 View Post
I would listen to a high quality leak. I am not downloading anything, don't want a virus. I don't find it morally or ethically wrong. The $50 I dropped on the Super Deluxe makes up for it.
I also chose normal shipping on my Super Deluxe, I'm not worried about the morality of it, part of it is just the experience of listening to it for the first time on the day that it is released. I do think I will probably listen to the stream on iTunes next Tuesday so I guess it isn't a big difference between then and now.

I listened to the stream of the new Matchbox Twenty on iTunes yesterday. Very good record and the stream is high quality. Pretty cool feature.
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