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Re: The BitTorrent Helper Thread


If I am reading your post correctly, you can download shows but are not uploading anything to anyone else. So when you are done grabbing a show you are 100% done and your share ratio is 0.

Make sure to start with that there are others downloading the show too, if you are the only one grabbing it there would be no one else to share with. Find a show with as many seeders and leechers as possible, hop on, and you should begin down and upping data right away.

If this does now work I would reset my router to its base state in case something done to it is the problem, try different torrent software (I have tried three and found Utorrent the best for me), make sure there are no settings in your torrent program that are set to prevent you from uploading, like max upload rate being set to zero, stuff like that. Check your firewall is not the problem by turning it off for a few minutes, the windows firewall too...

Basically, I would start over with both my hardware and new software and try again. When I started, I messed with ports and stuff like that and it was totally unneccessary and a huge headache. On Utorrent and the others you can do a port check to make sure ports are open. Sometimes I have to restart my computer too if everything did not hook up right.

Good Luck.
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