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Re: The BitTorrent Helper Thread

ok, so i've tried reading everything i could to try to set my system up so im not just able to download shows.. but have others have access to mine also.. but im completely lost as to how to open ports in my router.. and please dont direct me to one of those sites like and others.. because i've read them and i still cant get the hang of it.. im sorry.. i have a WR214G wireless router.. 802.11g Wireless Broadband... so what do i do from here to enable myself to not be a "greedy" person only downloading.. i want to be able to have other be able to have access to download off of me.. any help would be appreciated.. i already downloaded one show .. it was 5 - 10 - 1995 and i have it all converted and all.. so where do i go from here?

thanks alot and sorry for me being so utterly confused!

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