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Re: From "DMB who?" to sitting next to Dave in a club booth @ TR3 in FIVE SHOWS

Originally Posted by HonestDenver1 View Post
Wow. I mean meeting their mothers. What a treat. I never would think to meet my favorite bands mothers. And all 5 of them? Was it all once or over the course of time? Like oh wow I just met Dave's mom last year, and then Carter's mom shows up at the show your at this year? Really neat stuff there.

I coincidentally met all their dads except for Dave's obviously. They came to the Boulder show I was talking about. No moms though which is weird. I wonder if any of the dads were there when you meet the moms?
No, the moms were not all at once although I think 3 were at the 1st Nissan Pavilian (so closest "hometown" show at an amphitheater in those days) show I was backstage for, so that was 3 moms at once. But 2 moms I met several times, and I think 1 mom or maybe 2 were at Madison Sq. Garden which is another "once in a lifetime" show to attend, until of course your kid's band plays MSG like every other week LOL!

And though I met her in briefly a couple of times, my favorite time meeting Dave's mom was at a lunch place during a D&T tour that most of the touring folks were all at the same lunch place, and I was having lunch with a couple of people working on the tour and got up to go to the bathroom and saw Dave & his mom, and when he saw me he called me over & introduced me to her and we all talked about food, art (started with art on walls in lunch place) and a few other things. She's awesome, no surprise there!

I think I only met 2 of the dads. And not at the same time as any moms.

That's wild, how did you meet all the dads (except Dave's) in Boulder? They were all at one show? Was it a "DMB Dad Convening" or just chance that they all went to Boulder? Very cool! And what year was it? So Roi's dad was there or this was after 2008? What were your most lasting impressions of them?
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