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Who likes to SLAP SOME BASS MAN? (Tribute to Stefan thread)

So I think Stefan is the least talked about member of this band. Always has been always will be. He's more or less the quiet one outside of his twitter rants. Which he has a right to, but has come off tone deaf more often than not.

However, I think he's phenomenal at what he does. His playing has pretty much improved year over year and I think the last 5 to 7 years has been his absolute best. The grooves he comes up with. The ability he has to lock in with Carter. He can really take a song up a notch or really really down when it needs to. (Think the Stone). He doesn't get the cred that Carter does for being a phenom, but the guy really is. I love what he has contributed to the band, and it's really easy to not notice, until you do. Once you pay attention, it's hard to miss what he's doing.

Cheer to Stefan.
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