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Re: Random dmb thoughts that don't need their own thread

Originally Posted by crounsa810 View Post
I decided to listen to LT31 and I understand it may have made sense in 2001, but who the hell decided it would be a good idea to put the Lovely Ladies up there with the band? It sounds so cringey and horribly dated listening back now. They added to nothing EXCEPT maybe LBV and the end of Stay.
Honestly I found it refreshing. My first live album of the bands that I loved was Listener Supported, so I like hearing them every once in a while. I think they add a bit to JTR, and True Reflections as well. I don't need them at shows, but if they were there I wouldn't really care. It usually beats Rashawn going for it sometimes. Now that they have Buddy though, it's not super important.
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