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Re: Suspicious Death at DMB show (STL); Looking for Witness

Originally Posted by Bmwm3oz View Post
What's mind blowing is the articles mention that someone reported him lying on the ground to security. They are looking for this person who reported him but they haven't been able to find them.

How does this person not step forward unless he/she was involved? Or, is it somehow possible that this person doesn't know what happened? I mean, can you go through life without realizing the police are looking for you? The articles, people talking, coworkers knowing you went to the show (did you hear about this person etc)?

I just don't get how this person doesn't step forward. Or maybe they have and the articles haven't been updated..

If I just find a person on the ground, I would run to get EMS/Police. Once they are treating him, unless I know the person, I'm going on with my night as there's nothing more I can do at that point.

How would that person even know they are looking for them? If not for Ants, I would never even know this happened.

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