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Re: Camden N2

One of the strongest encores I have seen in a while, very cool, and there were some seriously strong runs in the main set.

The first:

Drive in Drive Out
What Would You Say

(wow what a great run... Dreamgirl was cool to hear, but that's a great 2nd through 6th song!)

and then this to end:

Belly Full
Ants Marching

Especially when Hunger is the 'bad song', clocking in at 3 and a half minutes, it doesn't even feel like a run lost its energy. No one was expecting Halloween, and it was a great performance. Overall, the show is one of very few shows I've seen where almost every song is a song I love seeing (save for Mercy to an extent, and Hunger to an extent). Camden N2 2010 was similar in this way. It felt like a great song after a great song almost from start to finish!!

Agree with most of your takes on the songs, except I really dig Oh as a cool encore 1 song (there are better options, but wayyy far worse options too!), so this encore is one of the best i've seen in years. It's a creatively written encore, surprising the crowd with Halloween to end the set, the crowd was loving the LIOG reprise and Pig soooo much. Plus, two step ain't a bad way to end the night
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Best shows I've ever seen, I'll miss this band

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