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Camden N2

Camden N2:

Went solo to the show and had a blast...met a lot of cool people and everyone was really friendly overall. I got to met with Jeff before the show as he wandered toward the entrance for pit about 10 minutes into the opening act. Which btw Mavis Staples still has got it..I was surprised that she was able to put on what I thought was the best opening act I have seen all tour.

Dreamgirl: pretty decent let down here especially with all the great openers so far...I was a littler weary to start the night with that...and I had noticed there was a lot of energy in the building so kind of a buzz kill

: standard version got things on track and the crowd into it....should have started the concert with this

Joyride: standard version the crowd was loud on this one with the "woo's"

WWYS: always solid to hear at a show....the crowd was rocking at this point

Crush: Dave's mic or something malfunctioned during WWYS so a crew member ran out to change his mic. In the meantime Stefan ripped about a 2-3 min solo which led to the intro. The jams on this were tight and sounded great. Boyd and Jeff stood out here.

JTR: Woman next to me had been chasing Grey Street so I said it was that or JTR.......celebration for me took place while sulking on her end....Standard version kind of a funky little intro into the end jam however....

GTBT: fun little cover, crowd was into this.....I enjoyed it butttt I could live without this 1 still cool to hear

#41: standard version.....crowd was really into this one again Jeff stood out here

Kill The Preacher: fun little tune.....good placement for it as well here

Why I Am: standard version

Help Myself: great to hear this tune.....crowd seemed to like it as well standard version

Mercy: eh version I like the end jam and the song itself has grown on me a bit.....however the end jam going on for 9 min is unacceptable. If they could put some soloing or something a little different on it I would enjoy it.....I like the horn progression at the end but the 7 min in between is the same progression.

SMTS: was different to hear this by itself lol but was a good song to come after mercy got the crowd loud again

Drunken Soldier: good spot for this one as well, really top 1 or 2 off AFTW for me.....lasers on this 1 are cool on the venue ceiling for anyone who hasn't seen them

HFTGL: ok butttt not a song I would pick to see...especially after seeing the Scranton liberation.

Belly Full: very happy I got to see completed AFTW for me and I actually would like to see this come up before songs....really enjoyed this little 2 min performance....

Typical Situation:
the jam was epic...I thought Jeff was going to pass out......the start was chilling, band looked to have a great time with this one....and a loudddd sing along here.

Ants Marching: Carter was hitting the snare sooo hard on the intro. Dave gave the intro scat on it.....loudest sing along which then the band seamlessly flowed into

Halloween: louddd eruption from the crowd at this point, thought the run from Belly full was awesome....standard version here just was one of the strongest finishes to a show in recent memory for me
was an awesome show and I could really be any happier.....I was standing next to a guy who was close friend with Jeff...which is actually why he came out to talk with the guy. He had mentioned to Jeff to break out Minarets in the encore...Jeff said he could see what he could do... as you know this plea didn't work but just information if for some reason Bethel gets a Minarets.......the band seemed to just play tonight wasn't a lot of time between songs or Davespeak.....they had smiles all around and just played, which was great to see what felt like vintage DMB to me....Also noticed Dave signed a few autographs during some of the songs.....

Oh: not a fan of this one but for e1 it was whatever

LIOG Reprise: eruption from the crowd and just was awesome how Dave walked up to the mic and went right into it.

Pig: standard version .....this and Typical were def the highlights of the night for me. Dave noticed the Love signs and gear in the pit hear as he seemed to stare.

Two Step: great version......Timmy gave a facemelting solo ......Carter is a monster in his solo.....ending jam seemed to start from Carter symbol hits.....Stefan then mentioned something to Dave which he then did the higher ground outro......really neat version.

Out of the 6 shows I was lucky enough to catch I enjoyed all of them a ton and am so happy to see the band in its current stage. Camden N2 and SPAC N2 this year are nights I will always both were special in so many ways. The Hartford weekend was an incredible experience with some rarities mixed in. For the rest of the tour enjoy the shows you are at and if you can make some extra ones.....well worth it
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