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Re: Carter interview on the street

It was a bit creepy that that guy was kind of "laying in wait", like how did he know he'd be walking by?? That was weird.

But aside from that, I'd agree with PP that he seemed actually fine (and maybe even happy) to be recognized and talked to. Especially after the year + everyone's had. He seems genuine when he says everyone is ready to get out on the road again.

Whoever said they don't think Dave gets recognized that much anymore, I can't believe that's true. In this day and age when people are so absurdly visible, I bet he gets recognized all the time, only because I know far less famous people who get recognized all the time. Not like ALL the time, but way more often than you'd think. So with Dave it's gotta be quite frequent. Although it is amazing what a hat and some sunglasses will do to blend in... (that said I'm not sure I've ever seen a pic of Dave in a hat other than the baseball hat a fan gave him right before we took the only pics I ever got of us together).
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