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What are FLAC files? What can I do with them?

FLAC files are lossless music files. They are compressed wav files without loss of quality. You can do many things with them. Listen, Burn, Covert would be the main ones.

There are many programs out there that will play FLAC files. Sometimes a program you are using just needs a plugin. Winamp has built in FLAC functionality (easiest). Another popular one is foobar2000 (with the FLAC plugin). At this time Itunes can not be used to play FLAC files. Check out for more. There is a section for Players and plugins where you can find more, such as plugin for Windows Media Player.

Many of the popular burning software will let you burn FLAC files straight to music CDs. If yours does not you will need to first convert the FLAC files to WAV files and then burn those to CD.

FLAC files can be converted to WAV with Flac Frontend (also available here <- also contains pictures and a few tips on what to do should you get an error message) For more FLAC info visit here. If you need to convert to mp3 FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY (do not share in mp3 format) you can convert WAV files to MP3 files. mkwACT tool can convert WAV to mp3 (along with SHN conversion)(learn more by reading the shn FAQ)

Many links are available to download the needed software and learn about the files. A thread started by Ants Member Ben F. and with contributions from other Ants can be found here.
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