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Re: R.I.P. Leroi Moore.

Originally Posted by Stgeurin View Post
This is solid. Well said. I’ve never considered this, but it does make you wonder how Boyd’s playing might would have stayed more solid if Roi had been around. To be clear, not discussing Boyd’s personal life, just his playing. Obviously there have always been issues with Boyd’s playing, never been perfect. But you can hear the big drop off beginning just a few years following Roi’s death. Into the 2010’s.
I have a notion that this was part of why they tried working with Lillywhite again. Boyd is almost completely absent from Big Wiskey and Steve really was good at making sure he was heard and well placed.

I've wondered how much of Boyd not being more prominent on BW was due to Boyd's idiosyncracies and being depressed (and uninspired) due to Roi's death vs Cavallo not being sure how to integrate the violin into the sound of any band. This was clearly an issue w/ Ballard and Batson too. And it's not that didn't use Boyd, they just didn't feature him or have him playing with and off the horn like Lillywhite and Roi did...even when Roi and Boyd were both in the studio.
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