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Re: R.I.P. Leroi Moore.

This is solid. Well said. I’ve never considered this, but it does make you wonder how Boyd’s playing might would have stayed more solid if Roi had been around. To be clear, not discussing Boyd’s personal life, just his playing. Obviously there have always been issues with Boyd’s playing, never been perfect. But you can hear the big drop off beginning just a few years following Roi’s death. Into the 2010’s.

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<div style="font-style:italic">I feel Roi was the most responsible person with regards to the sound of the band. <b>I think they sounded like they did in large part because of him.</b> And you can just listen to albums pre and post. Then, the argument could be made "Thats just because Tim is part of the band, and you have a guitar now." Well, Tim played on quite a few albums (although I understand the difference in guesting on album and being part of band). But Tim was also part of the band in May and June of 2008. June was Arguably the greatest one month run in the bands history. Leroi knew how to create riffs within a song that you didn't hear unless you really listened very closely. I am still discovering masterpieces of Roi's work on studio albums, things I didn't hear before. It wasn't until about 8-10 years ago that I first actually heard Roi's riffs on Crush. It's absolutely beautiful.<br>
So at the same time that he just sunk into the music and wasn't heard by the passerby listener, he made the song what it was. He made songs bigger, much Jazzier, and much more authentic to DMB. This is what separates Roi from most other sax players. He doesn't care about being heard. He cares about the song. He doesn't care about taking care of himself. He only cares about taking care of the music and making sure a song sounds as good as it possibly can. If you notice on the recent albums, the sax riffs more or less just go straight along with the melody or straight along with dave's already made up vocal melody. Roi was able to create his own melodies, he added his riffs on like layers of a cake. And of course, we all like more layers on a cake. Same with a song. The more layers, the better.</div>
</div>I think is beyond opinion and veering into fact zone.<br>
Lillywhite has stated that he (Lillywhite) knew how to get the best out of Boyd, but he and others have said that Roi was who helped shaped Boyd parts, that he helped guide Boyd. Roi definitely created and shaped the horn/violin harmony and counterpoint parts. Dave has expressed clearly how much Roi inspired him and the sound of the band. His death also played a big part in why Boyd is no longer around.<br>
Despite Roi's strong will that Dave and Lillywhite have expressed, Roi was part of the glue for the band. Even in his passing, Roi is part of why the guys still do a tribute to their friend who the love and miss.<br>
I don't need layers though...a single layer of great cake is all perfect. The core five with sprinklings of Tim were like that...magic. The nuance and dynamics are much different now and while I still love it, I miss Roi more than anything else.
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