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Re: Show Currently Happening: Full Band in Foxboro

Originally Posted by Twostep542 View Post
People must not remember the end of 2010:

11/13/10: MSG N2 - Dave's voice is shot / somehow recovers to finish a great set.

11/16/10: Atlanta - Dave's voice is back, he mentions having a cold and hints about seeing a doctor('give me some of that good stuff')

11/17/10: S.Carolina - Normal show

-Flies cross country to Washington state-

11/18/10: [/b]Bellevue, WA[/b] - Dave flies all the way back cross country to play a surprise solo set in a mall for the opening of a Bill Gates' Microsoft Windows store (free public show)

-Flies back cross country to Virginia-

11/19/10: Charlottesville N1 - One of the best shows of 2010 and released as Live Trax 28
11/20/10: Charlottesville N2 - Above average 2010 show with a 3hr 1min 30sec total runtime per dmbalamanc where they played 23 songs.

A short corporate appearance isn't going to gas Dave out. It's like a day before soundcheck or rehearsal if anything.
You are forgetting everything prior to that MSG show...

Dave played 4 shows in 4 days - including a charity event - prior to 2010 N2 MSG. I'd say those were contributing factors to his voice being shot at the start of the show.

In the time since, Dave has had Raab touring with them as a vocal coach. He's gotten a lot better at not destroying his vocal chords because of it.
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