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Re: *** Official Syracuse, NY 2020 ***

Originally Posted by Yacuzzo14 View Post
I really appreciate the feedback, thanks! Like I said this is my first time in the pit so forgive me if this next question is too obvious-- In your experience is it worth it to put in the extra effort to be right up on the rail? I understand the lure of being as close as possible to the band, but the ability to come and go for a beer/restroom without fighting your way around seems just as appealing. Any input is appreciated! I understand everyone's preferences are different- just trying to decide which side of that fence I'd like to fall on
If you haven't done the rail yet, I recommended it. Have to atleast do it once in your life! When I did it I was so high off of just being that close and watching the band interact on stage, I didn't need a beer lol! Plus you can get one of Carter's sticks, a guitar pick, or a setlist. I ended up getting a stick and Boyd signed my ticket.
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