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Re: *** Official Syracuse, NY 2020 ***

Originally Posted by MikeyCarson40 View Post
I've done the PIT twice. It's a very comfortable PIT that's not over packed. You can come and go as you please really unless you are trying to ride the rail. Both times we got into the venue about an hour before the show and was only a few rows off the stage. 2016 was one of the best DMB shows I've experienced!
I really appreciate the feedback, thanks! Like I said this is my first time in the pit so forgive me if this next question is too obvious-- In your experience is it worth it to put in the extra effort to be right up on the rail? I understand the lure of being as close as possible to the band, but the ability to come and go for a beer/restroom without fighting your way around seems just as appealing. Any input is appreciated! I understand everyone's preferences are different- just trying to decide which side of that fence I'd like to fall on
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