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Re: Away From The World - Deluxe and Super Deluxe

Originally Posted by richvisser23 View Post
This Album is so good. Highly underrated. The production quality is so crisp. I think Come Tomorrow made me like this so much more. I think its Big 4.
AFTW will soon be known in the fanbase community as DMB's best album. why? because it is unpopular right now. therefore everyone will start to like it again so they can be seen as sooooo contrarian and cool.

look at Come Tomorrow. it's the new, hot thing. and it's a very good, fun album! therefore it is so cool to shit on it. even the moderators here do. one in particular. obsessed. even though it's a great album.

just watch..... pretty soon, people will be popping up and saying "OMG AFTW IS AN UNDERRATED CLASSIC". and they will then think they look cool. because that's what it's all about. looking cool.
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